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I chased on the Lecture Tour (T8) in 2018. I felt that we all got to know each other well, were always in the loop with what was going on with every guest always in the same van as Roger, and we all bonded well which is important when we have to watch out for each other in the middle of storms. I went on another small tour the prior with another company, and had a similar intimately positive experience, for the most part. It’s unfortunate that the tours are the size that they are during the prime season, but understandable since so many people do want to chase during that time. The lecture tour was in June, so during a time when there were fewer chasers on the road. So except for the day of the Prospect Valley tornado when everyone seemed to be out, it was only a few times when we encountered other chasers on the road which was a plus. This year I will chase (twice) in two larger groups, so I’ll be able to compare more accurately. But based on my current knowledge and the feedback I received from one guest who exclusively goes on the SLT lecture tour now, if you try a smaller tour with SLT, there will probably be zero negatives to the experience (although I do agree about the vans possibly being more comfortable – but nothing that I found too bothersome). Smaller groups also could lead to problems if any guests have issues with each other – nowhere to hide like on a big tour! But I have yet to encounter that. For the most part, those I’ve met on commercial storm chases have tried their best to get along with each other.

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