Review of "Upslope Supercells - Tour 6 - 6 Days" by Tornadic Expeditions

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The 6 days I spent with Tornadic Expeditions ripping across the Plains chasing tornadoes was one of the most intense, unforgettable experiences of my life. Eric’s passion for what he does and his great depth of weather knowledge is truly impressive. He is also a very good driver and never seems tire. I swear that man is a force of nature, and he is totally funnel- visioned (couldn’t resist that). There were 3 tornadoes in the US on 6/10/21. Eric, and Nick, his talented copilot, navigated our trusty and comfortable van to all 3. Though grueling sometimes - we drove 2646 miles in 6 days - every single one of those miles was worth it. To have stood before the fearsome force of these tornadoes is something that will be forever burned in my brain pan. Five stars!

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