Gail B.

Review of "Northern Plains Photography Tour" by Extreme Chase Tours

General review

The tour was great. The van was comfortable and clean. Van was cleaned and washed prior to each chase day. The service was amazing. I was picked up at the airport because the storms forecasted for that day were good and the CEO wanted to get right out there and start the chase. We chased down a supercell and after the bad weather was over we watched the most amazing lightening show I have ever seen for about 2 hours. It was a long day but as tired as we were...Lanny checked my motel room before I entered to make sure that the air conditioner was working, sinks and shower worked and to make sure the toilet flushed. He did this every night in every hotel. On the down day, him and his wife made plans to explore the town of Longmont Colorodo and we went to a very cute restaurant. They picked up the tab which was extremely gracious. I will never look at clouds the same. I came home with such a wealth of information regarding clouds, what they all mean, updrafts, downdrafts, dew point, wind shear, CAPE. You will all know what I am talking about after this tour. It was wonderful!!! I will be back.

Vehicle review:

If there was a storm....Lanny could find it. Vehicle was clean and comfortable, plenty of room.

Tour guide review:

Lanny is truly an amazing host and tour guide. He explains everything that is happening as it is happening. His excitement his genuine and you can see how he has turned his passion into something amazing. I have come home with so much more knowledge about storms, tornado's and cloud formations.

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