Judy Preece

Review of "Tour 4" by Extreme Tornado Tours

General review

The tour was great - not perfect, because Mother Nature was taking a bit of a rest on our tour, but we chased almost every day, and saw some wonderful lightning and cloud formations. A highlight for me was finding and protecting a beautiful bull snake that thought it would be a good idea to warm up in the middle of the road. Nick gently lifted it with a tripod leg into the roadside grass. I'm not a fan of the 72 oz steak challenge, but loved the freaky photos at the Big Texan.

Vehicle review:

Lovely clean vehicles at the beginning soon get mucky - sorry, Nick. Can you show us how the overhead screens work next time?

Tour guide review:

The tour guides were excellent, as usual, with music and information to keep us occupied on long drives. Sitting out the core gales and rain was fun. Thanks again to Blake's family for their warm Texan hospitality. I shall expect it next year, too . . .

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