Review of "Mayhem Tour 4" by Extreme Chase Tours

General review

This was my fourth time with Extreme Chase Tours. I had gone at different times of the year but twice now on Mayhem 4. This by far was the best tour ever! We saw funnel clouds almost every day and we were actually near/in a tornado on our 6th day! We were never in harms way and the video that one of guests took was featured on Good Morning America and other media outlets. I plan on going again at the same time next year! We had such a great time with everyone that was on the tour and by the end it was hard to say goodbye to everyone, it felt like family .

Vehicle review:

The two vehicles we took were very comfortable and we all had enough room as well as for the luggage since at one time we had 12 people, 6 per van including the drivers.

Tour guide review:

Lanny was a professional all the way as far as I was concerned. He stopped when we needed to and took the time to teach us what to look for on radar and in the cloud formation itself. I learned a lot. We laughed a lot and he always made sure we were comfortable, we didn't have any issues with the rooms etc where we stayed.

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