L. Logan

Review of "Mayhem Tour 1" by Extreme Chase Tours

General review

I've always wanted to see a tornado, And with Extreme Chase Tours, I did. But I didn't just see a tornado (which was spectacular in its own right), I learned so much. Every question I asked, no matter how elementary, was answered patiently and respectfully by our host and tour operator, Lanny Dean. I asked him a ton of questions (curious mind, and all that), including about his fascinating research in the infrasonics of tornadoes and supercells. Talk about esoteric! But Lanny explained it in layman's terms for me and I understand the broader outline of what's he's working on. Our vehicle was well-equipped, spacious and there was a monitor in the backseat to see what Lanny was talking about. We took enough bathroom stops to prevent the long rides from being uncomfortable, On down days, we saw the local sights, which to me, since I'd never been to this part of the country before, were almost as interesting as the weather. I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to be guided by an extremely knowledgeable tour operator and hopefully will see a tornado.

Vehicle review:

The vehicle was a Dodge Caravan that was clean and well-maintained. It was comfortable and Lanny only puts 4 people per vehicle, so everyone gets a window seat. I understand some companies have so many people in each vehicle that the leader needs a microphone. A lot of intimacy and the chance to ask questions seems to me to be lost that way.

Tour guide review:

I obviously don't know the other tour operators, but I couldn't imagine anyone being more knowledgeable, polite, considerate and professional as Lanny Dean. He even checked our beds for bed bugs, I mean, who does that? (And no, there weren't any). Every place we stayed was clean and had decent amenities. He was friendly, but not buddy-buddy. (I wasn't coming on the tour to make friends, but to see and learn.) He told great stories based on his experiences—super interesting and, at times, amazing. He has won just about any time of award there is in this business,, His images are picked up my media outlets throughout the world. I even found a couple of his photos on esoteric Russian scientific journals. I highly recommend touring with Lanny. I hope to do it again soon.

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