Review of "Epic April - Tour 1 - 10 Days" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

I went on two tours this year. One in late May and one in late June. Although the outlook wasn’t the best for both tours, we still managed to see four tornados and tons of beautiful supercells. One day, we were on the only supercell in the country and we were the only chasers there! Erik always manages to get us into the perfect spot. The tours are very comfortable with only 4 guests per van. If you ever need to stop for anything, he will gladly stop. You don’t just get a wonderful tour and an awesome experience, you get lifelong friends. All in all I would 100% recommend Tornadic Expeditions.

Vehicle review:

The vehicle space is probably the best in the business. With only four guests per van and a max of three vans, it’s never too crowded and you’re able to make personal connections with everyone. He always has water for the guests and there’s power outlets everywhere. In one tour we spent 82 hours in the van, but I never had a single complaint about the ride due to the great vehicles.

Tour guide review:

Erik Burns is one of the most friendliest people ever. No matter how good the weather is during your tour week, or how good the results are, he always has a great time and you have a great time too. I still message Erik with any questions I have about weather even when I’m not on tour. He is more than a tour guide but a friend too.

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