David Williams

My name is David Williams, and you'll be my chase partner. Though I'm the driver, you'll be expected to help with navigation, radar tracking and data, and photographing and filming the storms while I'm driving. Remember, you're my chase partner, we help each other.

E-mail: Tornadoalleychasing@gmail.com

Role: Tour guide, Director

Tour operator: Tornado Alley Chasing

Website: tornadoalleychasing.com

Merits: Storm Chaser for 12 years. 300+ hours of meteorology study

Twitter: @davidduncanw

Facebook: @tornadoalleychasing

Started chasing: 2004

About the author

I've been storm chasing for 20 years, and I started this business in 2014. I am self-taught, and I've devoted a significant amount of time to studying meteorology and forecasting. I teach for a living and I'm good at it. I love teaching people to chase tornadoes and epic structure. I'm married to the best wife ever. We travel the world, snowboard, surf, and we love reading. Major Harry Potter fans here!