Rick Young

Rick has been chasing with me for 10 years, and will co-drive with me on Tour 4. Rick comes from a high-tech background and resides in Canada, spending winters in Florida.  His background supports his fascination and passion for severe weather.  He was with me for the "perfect tornado" in Campo. CO; a massive stationary wedge tornado near Bennington, KS; the tragic El Reno event; and many, many more. "Peter's small group approach gives everyone an opportunity to be involved, communicate, ask questions and learn".

E-mail: Peterjwharton@gmail.com

Tour operator: StormGroup Chasers

Website: http://www.stormgroupchasers.com/




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Description: Go storm chasing in Tornado Alley on the best, value for money, tour group - StormGroup Chasers - a unique, collaborative approach run on a non-profit basis - only $1,925 US for a full 7 days chasing on the road. We’ve had an impressive track record in the past six years, with in excess of 50 tornadoes, including some major EF5 tornadoes – and have been on all the major outbreaks, including the Joplin, La Crosse, Kingfisher, Ault, Moore, Carney/Shawnee, El Reno & Hutchinson events. But it's not all about the tornadoes - we chase severe storms on nearly all of our days on the road, see some amazing sights, bring home some great photography, and visit some unique and interesting places – it's a great chasing season, a superb road trip & an unforgettable vacation combined in a short 7 days on the road. Using only one vehicle, with 4 guests on each tour, this is a very nimble and flexible approach to storm chasing - no one is packed into large vans, and there are no large groups to herd through meals and rest stops. We eat in unique local restaurants where possible, usually have picnic lunches with healthy food in parks/scenic areas - and lots of time to target all severe weather, while still maintaining a personal approach to each guest's needs on the long driving days. Check out the testimonials and the chase summaries on the web site to see what a fabulous vacation this is. Then come join us in 2018 – or maybe convince someone else that they should have this unique experience - don't miss this opportunity to chase with a proven & safe team.

Chase blog: Http://www.facebook.com/groups/164953656849506/

Webcam: No

Established: 2011

Phone: 64-21-412804

Usp: We are very successful in finding severe weather of all kinds, and making sure that you'll see some unique sights, and get some superb photographic opportunities We only use one spacious vehicle for 4 guests - very nimble and flexible, and a highly personalised experience You'll have a fabulous vacation at a very affordable price - since this is not a for-profit group, we are really a very close-knit group of like-minded people sharing a great experience

Company name: StormGroup Chasers

Company location: New Zealand

Extra: Each tour is a full 7 days chasing on the road, leaving early on a Sunday/Monday, and returning late on the following Saturday/Sunday - our "end dates" are full chasing days, unlike some other tours. The tour base price is $1,475 US$ - includes all tour operating expenses, and the opening and closing nights, but does not include hotel costs on the road. The guest pays the hotel costs themselves, this typically averages about $75 US$ per night for 6 nights - so the whole tour costs about $1,925 US$ plus your flights, meals and personal expenses. Your own meals and personal supplies are at your own cost, and well as flights to and from Oklahoma City. We typically use the top range Chevy Suburban - a driver & co-driver; with plenty of room in the two bench seats behind for 4 guests - everyone has a window seat. We try to eat at unique, local restaurants rather than the chains, and look for interesting places to visit when we're not chasing - avoiding the "tourist traps". Photography is a main objective enabled for all the guests. We chase all forms of severe weather, keeping that "beginners mind" fascination with the amazing severe weather on the Plains - always remembering that safety is paramount.

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