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F5! Tornado Chasing Safaris will bring you right to the doorstep of the most severe weather in the world. F5! offers the most luxurious and personal adventure tours in the country. Our clients enjoy riding in a comfy Suburban with no more than three other clients.

Scheduled group tours

Tours in 2019

Tour NameStart DateEnd DatePrice
Tour 12019-05-122019-05-18$3795
Tour 22019-05-192019-05-25$3795

Please note that...

  • All information given about the tour operator and their tours are second hand information and could be outdated and erronous. The latest, and most correct, information can always found and validated on the F5 Tornado Safaris website
  • The start date does not necessarily mean it is a chase day, although this is typically the case. The end date could be a chase day but typically, it is not.
  • Do not schedule your flight according to the dates given here. Always double check this with the tour operator before you book your flight!
  • Prices could be subjected to discounts.
  • The tours could be full and you may not be able to book it.

Why choose F5 Tornado Safaris?

Personalized tour with limited group size Comfortable large Suburbans or large SUV, no passenger vans! Great personalities and clients on every tour

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Vehicle(s) used

Ford Expedition
Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition chase vehicle of F5! Tornado Safaris guarantees you a comfortable and safe tour.

Suburban #1
Suburban #1

Suburban kept in prime shape all year which beyond the comfort and personal style offers maximum safety and durability during any weather condition.

Yukon Xl
Yukon Xl

Suburban kept in prime shape all year which beyond the comfort and personal style offers maximum safety and durability during any weather condition.

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Name: Alexander Farrell
Tour: Tour is not registered
Year: 2009

General review

Amazing, great guides, great fun and an experience i will never forget, a real dare devils paradise
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