Tour 3

Tour 3 by Extreme Tornado Tours in 2019

  • Starts: 2019-04-26 (This tour has already been executed)
  • Ends: 2019-05-02
  • Price: $2700
  • Chase days: 7
  • Price per day: $385 / day
  • Departure city: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Description: No description available
  • Tour guides: Reed Timmer
  • Vehicles used No vehicles specified yet.

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Name: Shawn L
Tour: Tour 3
Year: 2019

General review

Tour 3, 2019 was a great experience. The guides at ETT were extremely professional while also having fun and joking around during down times. There was a great balance here. I rode with Nick, and he would explain all sorts of things we were seeing, why they were like that, and why we were chasing or avoiding them. During stops, Kevin, Blake, and Ashleigh were always telling us about this or that, talking about past storms, what they were thinking about current storms and such. Very friendly, very funny, very fun. I learned a lot on this tour. We saw a great tornado in Charlie, Texas. The team tracked it carefully and knew exactly where to put us. A phenomenal experience. We also saw some incredible super cells with stunning structure, and some additional distant, but short tornados. They were on point with the storms. We always stayed at very nice, clean hotels. My biggest concern with hotels is cleanliness, and I had no issues with any of them. The lowest grade hotel we stayed at was a Model 6 one night out of necessity, and it was completely fine. All the other hotels were the kind I'd book for my other vacations. I can't wait to chase with ETT again in the future.

Tour guide review

ETT's service to their guests was top notch. They truly cared about our experience and safety. We would stop for lunch and dinner at various places, getting a full gamut of quick eats and nice sit-down meals depending on our schedule, as the storms are always the priority. They were great about briefing us at the end of the day, and the following mornings, describing what they were seeing, where we were headed, and what to expect. Now that I'm back home, all I want to do it get back in the vans and chase. I can't describe enough how fantastic my experience was. I'll never forget it.

Vehicle review

ETT's vans were fantastic. The seats were very comfortable, and very roomy (one van had individual seats, and one had rows that would normally seat three people, but was limited to two so all guests can have a window seat and room beside them for their personal things). We had power outlets the same as we have at home, so power was never an issue for my devices. The A/C had personal vents, so I could direct the air right at me, or close my vent. I was concerned about being too hot in the vans, but I was very comfortable. Riding in the vans was always fun. And when the rides were long, we had options like movies or video games on the TVs, or just relaxing with our own personal entertainment/sleeping.
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Name: core
Tour: Tour 3
Year: 2019

General review

These guys are awesome! Nick, the owner, was especially accommodating to me since I had to switch dates (and tours) the last minute. He was great to deal with and very understanding with my scheduling dilemma. Extreme Tornado Tours (ETT) had great vans, expert chasers, and really got us into the heart of the storms. They seem really aggressive about getting you up close-- and they didn't disappoint! But Nick was big on safety and made sure everyone understood and followed the rules. He even spotted a rattle snake for us on the side of the road before anyone stepped on it ;-) Hotels were great, plenty of pit stops for bathroom breaks (when not in emergency chase mode), and great choice of non-chase activities and restaurants during down periods. I would definitely chase again with ETT!!!

Tour guide review

Tour was operated very professionally. No issues at all. Nick is a great leader and wants to make sure everyone is looked after and has fun. Plenty of activity options on non-chasing days. Nick and his team of Kevin, Blake and Ashleigh were great forecasters and had a high batting average in picking the right storms to chase. We saw tornadoes, lightning and some awesome mesocyclone storms. Extreme Tornado Tours got us right up close.

Vehicle review

Vans were comfortable and everyone had a window seat. Power outlets and USB connections for everyone. The WiFi was not working on my tour, but Nick says he will get that fixed with a new system.
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