Storm chasing tours 2003

Tour OperatorTour NameChase DaysStart DateEnd datePrice
Tempest Tours Lecture Series Tour72003-05-242003-05-303200Finished
Silver Lining Tours Master Class102003-06-142003-06-233300Finished
F5! Tornado Safaris Memorial Safari72003-05-252003-05-311899Finished
Tempest Tours Mini Tour #172003-06-092003-06-141700Finished
Tempest Tours Mini Tour #272003-06-172003-06-221700Finished
Tempest Tours Regular Tour #1102003-05-032003-05-122600Finished
Tempest Tours Regular Tour #2102003-05-152003-05-242600Finished
Tempest Tours Regular Tour #3102003-05-272003-06-052600Finished
F5! Tornado Safaris Start-Up Safari72003-05-112003-05-171899Finished
F5! Tornado Safaris Tornado Safari72003-06-012003-06-071899Finished
Cloud 9 Tours Tour #1142003-05-042003-05-172250Finished
Cloud 9 Tours Tour #2142003-05-182003-05-312250Finished
Cloud 9 Tours Tour #3142003-06-012003-06-142250Finished
Silver Lining Tours Tour 1102003-04-302003-05-092600Finished
Cloud 9 Tours Tour 1-a72003-05-042003-05-101500Finished
Cloud 9 Tours Tour 1-b72003-05-112003-05-171500Finished
Silver Lining Tours Tour 2102003-05-112003-05-202600Finished
Cloud 9 Tours Tour 2-a72003-05-182003-05-241500Finished
Cloud 9 Tours Tour 2-b72003-05-252003-05-311500Finished
Silver Lining Tours Tour 3102003-05-232004-06-012600Finished
Cloud 9 Tours Tour 3-a72003-06-012003-06-071500Finished
Cloud 9 Tours Tour 3-b72003-06-082003-06-141500Finished
Silver Lining Tours Tour 4102003-06-032003-06-122600Finished
Silver Lining Tours Tour 562003-06-152003-06-201900Finished
Silver Lining Tours Tour 662003-06-222003-06-271900Finished
Silver Lining Tours Tour 762003-06-292003-07-041900Finished
Silver Lining Tours Tour 862003-07-062003-07-111900Finished
F5! Tornado Safaris Twister Safari72003-05-182003-05-241899Finished

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