Bernadette King

Review of "Tour 3" by Weather Adventures

  • Review by: Bernadette King
  • Tour Operator: Weather Adventures
  • Tour: Tour 3
  • Year: 2016
  • Validated: This review has been validated.

General review

Without a shadow of a doubt the best Stormchasing Tour Group out there. I stayed for two back-to-back tours this year and ended up extending my stay the last time I chased with them. I have chased with other people but Weather Adventures tops them all. I would now never chase with anyone else. Weather Adventures were always on the most severe storms and knew how to forecast which storms stood the best chance of turning tornadic. Whilst the chances of seeing a tornado is obviously very much dependent on the weather, because of Weather Adventures I saw 14 tornadoes during this chase season. They really did get us on the best storms. Even on days when there were severe-warned storms but no tornadoes, Weather Adventures enabled guests to witness, experience and learn about incredible storm structure and other weather phenomena. Guests were provided with many photo opportunities which is awesome. If we saw good structure or a rainbow we wanted a photo of, the Tour Guides found a safe place to pull over so we could snap the photo! Inbetween storms, the Tour Guides made sure that we had fun and got to sight-see as well, which is just as important. There was honestly never a dull moment. All entry fees to National Parks etc. are paid for. Aside from weather, I have also learnt about and seen a lot of American Culture which I absolutely love. The places Weather Adventures took us for meals were awesome as well. Always very decent food and the tour guides know where all the good local, "quirky" places are to eat. Despite the size of the American Plains, Blake knows it like the back of his hand! All the hotels we stayed in were very decent, comfortable and accommodating. Wifi access in the van constantly available and water is always readily available.

Vehicle review:

Van is new. Very spacious for your suitcases, tripods, bags etc. All guests have a window seat and Tour Guides ensure the windows are cleaned spotless at every Gas Station stop! As stated before, wifi & water always available. Power points also available

Tour guide review:

There are not enough positive words available in the English Dictionary to express how amazing these Guides are. They'll always put you first, work SO hard to get you to those storms and are a heap load of fun. They're also very knowledgeable and are more than willing to share this knowledge with you (There's a reason I've never just stayed for one single tour with Weather Adventures!). The Guides were all very approachable and have taught me invaluable information about severe weather. I can't stress enough how much I have learnt because of them. They're always willing to answer your questions Tour Guides made sure everyone was looked after and accommodated taking me to Walmart for essential supplies throughout my trip with them.

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