Tim Maynard

Review of "Tour #2" by StormChasingTour.com

General review

My first tour was a great learning experience. The guys collected me at the airport and we got acquainted over dinner the first evening. Each evening at dinner we'd get a preliminary briefing of the plan for tomorrow's chase, which would the be confirmed over breakfast and we'd be shown the models for the day. The long drives to the days target area were actually good for hearing stories of chases and intercepts the guys had been involved in. Was like being on a tour with good friends. Many storms were found, but the highlight is of course the Tornadoes we observed on May 7th, my birthday. Felt extremely safe at all times. Never has to worry about a thing as I had complete faith in the guys. Highly recommend this tour company...I'm going back again in 2016 🙂

Vehicle review:

The StormChasingTour van was very spacious and comfortable for the many hours and miles of travel. Roomy enough to stretch out for a mid afternoon nap. Plenty of windows to see all the action.

Tour guide review:

Brandon and Marcus were great to tour with. Both are incredibly knowledgeable while at the same time making things very easy for a novice like myself to understand. They made the trip not only educational, but also a ton of fun.

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