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Review of "Tour 3" by Weather Adventures

General review

What an excellent 2 weeks.. We go to chase some great storms including the Dodge city tornado and the Dickinson Chapman tornados getting us close enough to get great pictures but keeping us safe one of them life events you will never forget. But its not just the storms why i like chasing with the WA team you are made to feel part of the team and everything is based on your enjoyment. on down days you are treated to parts of the country not normally visited and entry to the national parks. These days can be enjoyed as much as the chase days and is all part of the WA experience. At no time are you guaranteed tornadoes but you are guaranteed a good time The daily routine is pretty much the same, meeting in the lobby mid morning. followed by a short drive for fuel and to stock up on junk food and a stop at a bar/restaurant for drinks and a meal. At the end of the day another stop somewhere for a meal and then onto the hotel that can sometimes be a good drive away to help get ready for the next day. All hotels are clean and tidy nearly all have pools and a gym. If at any time you need anything just ask and the team will be very accommodating and will do everything they can to help. I have to say that i am looking forward to returning to chase with the Weather adventures group again in the near future... You will leave with a new bunch of friends

Vehicle review:

Modern very well maintained chevy van with great air con. Looking at what other tour groups use i would say it one of the best out there

Tour guide review:

Blake and Drew are great guys who will do anything to help Drew doing most of the driving. And Blake doing the planning and navigation

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