Martin hollingsworth

Review of "Tour 4" by Weather Adventures

  • Review by: Martin Hollingsworth
  • Tour Operator: Weather Adventures
  • Tour: Tour 4
  • Year: 2015
  • Validated: This review has NOT been validated.

General review

Try the rest now try the best...... I have been on other tours with the big company's before but this is by far the best you don't feel like a number you are made to feel like part of the group and part of the tour I guarantee you will not be disappointed.....!!!! Like I say i have been on tours before and have always enjoyed myself but this one was buy far the best!!! As with any storm tours you will spend many hours on the road and this is really no problem. Blake and Ryan are always keeping you updated of progress and developments and are always happy to make stops when needed. throughout the tour you are made to feel happy asking questions is always welcome and things are explained in a way you understand. But if you want to just sit back and relax and have no interest in the tech side than that's fine too. You always stay in really nice hotels normally with a pool and are always very clean and tidy. When chasing is over for the day you get to get a good meal normally with a bar and again always decent places..... one thing the WA team can be sure of I WILL BE BACK!!!!!

Vehicle review:

you will be on the storms in the newest vehicles out there even the biggest company's have older vans than these guys and buy some margin. with Wi-Fi, drinks and a cooler for your own food/drinks, the newer vans mean you get a decent seat with full seat belts and you will have enough space too WA pride them selves on there excellent vehicle servicing and insurances

Tour guide review:

Blake, Ryan, Colt, and Lauran really know there stuff I am guessing that half of the storms we were on we were there in front of 90% of every one else there forecasting is really unbelievable. When you get on the storms the team make you feel 100% safe showing and telling you why they are doing. After the tour you will leave calling these guys your friends

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