Review of "Tour 3" by Weather Adventures

  • Review by: Candice
  • Tour Operator: Weather Adventures
  • Tour: Tour 3
  • Year: 2017
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General review

I have been on two tours with Blake. Both were out of this world enjoyable! Not only did we catch some absolutely beautiful storms (with two photogenic tornadoes!) and got to meet some great fellow weather enthusiasts, we also enjoyed the relative road luxury of Blake ensuring that we stayed at clean and reputable hotels during our journeys. For our meals, our tour dined at some pretty nice establishments...very little fast food dining on this trip except on the days when we needed to be somewhere quick. As for the action segments of our tours, Blake always ensured that we were placed in a safe location that also provided for excellent viewing of the storms we pursued. He is extremely knowledgeable about forecasting setups and is more than willing to share that knowledge by explaining some of the finer points of forecasting using models while on the road. I will continue to be a repeat customer of Blake’s as touring with him is the most fun I’ve had on any group tour, chasing or otherwise!

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