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  • Review by: David Parrott
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  • Year: 2013
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General review

The tour was a another resounding success with multiple tornado's over the 7 days. Last years chase yielded us multiple tornado's and some spectacular storms. I have been chasing with Peter Wharton and StormGroup chasers since its inceptions and find the tours to be fun, professional and an overall rewarding experience. With StormGroup chasers, from your original communication and booking through and till the tour is finished, you'll find the services, responsiveness and guide to be top notch. Oh yea and fun!

Vehicle review:

I have found the vehicles to be clean, roomy and everyone has a window seat.

Tour guide review:

Peter Wharton is very knowledgeable, resourceful and uses all the his experience to find any potential weather if its to be found. Over the years I've been chasing with Peter, its actually rare we ave a down day. What's important as well, Peter takes the time to talk with the group to discuss and explain the W's of chasing - Where - Why - When - What. This helps to provide everyone an experience of participation vs passenger.

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