Trudy Rudolph

Review of "Trudy Rudolph" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

My husband and I started chasing in 2010, and have been with StormGroup Chasers since its inception. With Peter's keen understanding of storm formation and interpretation of weather data, we have been fortunate to chase some of the most notable storms in recent years, including Joplin and El Reno. The camaraderie with the people we have met over the years is what makes each chase week unique, and we are fortunate to have made friends from all over the world.

Vehicle review:

Two drivers and four guests chase in a large SUV - everyone has a window seat, and the vehicle is always comfortable. Additionally, Peter has outfitted the vehicle with a small bar fridge, so we are able to keep snacks and lunches with us for daily picnics - a nice alternative from fast food. There are also plenty of outlets available to recharge phones and other devices.

Tour guide review:

Peter is always keen to involve the group in discussions about why a certain target is chosen. He takes the time to explain the dynamics that will influence storm formation and enjoys sharing his expertise. Of course, safety is the first priority and while we always strive to be in the best position to witness tornadic activity, making sure we do not wind up in harm's way remains paramount.

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