David Parrott

Review of "David Parrott" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

StormGroup Chasers 2014 Tour was a fantastic experience. From start to finish, the tour was a fun, engaging experience. During my tour with SGC, we were on all storms of any significance. SGC would always position well for any potential storm outbreak and take the necessary actions to get us there in time, safety and without incident. You feel with SGC that if there was a storm to be seen, we’d be there.

Vehicle review:

SGC only utilizies new, clean and comfortable vehicles.

Tour guide review:

Peter Wharton of SGC runs a professional, engaging and fun tour. You always feel that you're in good hands. From initial booking to tour end and follow up, you feel that you were part of a professional, experienced tour group. Peter takes the time to make sure even the little day to day details of tours are covered and you feel in the know at all times. Additionally, the daily FB update provides you a great reminder of your tour.

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