Karissa Hadden

Review of "Tour 3A" by Extreme Tornado Tours

General review

ETT is a tour company I have used multiple times and will continue too. They are professional, knowledgable, all guides are fun, hilarious and accommodating to all and every one if the guests needs. I have never experienced a trip quite like one with ETT and I miss being with them every day. They have provided me with multiple tornadoes and breathtaking storm structures always getting to them in a safe way. There should be a choice beyond "excellent" for Extreme Tornado Tours!

Vehicle review:

Always made the best of if it and constantly educated us. in the morning we had a briefing using twister data and during the chase all guides were able to answer any and all questions. The cans were comfortable with enough space for our luggage, backpacks and laptops. They have DVD players inside which are great and are always clean.

Tour guide review:

The tour guides made the best out of every situations. If there was no weather to chase we were taken to Bational Parks, museums ect. If there was weather to chase they always made our safety their number 1 priority and we had a blast chasing in every situation

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