Justin Pletsch

Review of "Big Sky Tornado Tour" by Tempest Tours

General review

This tour was absolutely phenomenal!!! As a Meteorology major, chasing storms is something I would like to do on the side. I learned so much about severe weather forecasting, that it piqued my interest even more in wanting to pursue a graduate degree in my major with an emphasis on severe weather. This team always put us in the best possible position to see storms, and we had at least one chaseable storm each day of the tour. The climax was on day five when we interecepted the Goshen County, WY tornado!!! Our tour leader was Brian Morganti, and we were joined by Bill Reid on day five. Jennifer Dunn was one of the drivers, and her meteorological knowledge was VERY informative and helpful. "Woody" was the other driver who is a police officer in San Bernardino County in California. His experience on the force really came through when we had to drive on gravel roads at high speeds!!! Now comes the part where I have to mention just one problem I encountered during registration. My first deposit check was lost in translation, but it all got situated. In the end, this was an AMAZING experience, and I highly recommend this group to anyone who wants to go on a storm chasing tour. From encountering rattle snakes to amazing storm structures, this group is a winner in my book!!!

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