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Review of "Tour 5" by Extreme Tornado Tours

General review

Chasing with ETT was my firs ever chashing experience and I must say I will never chase with any one else. I loved every minute of my chasing experience we chased nearly every day and got on good storms nearly every day and the good thing is we got to see many tornados. I alwasys enjoined our evenings when we got to sit down togeather relax have a beer (or many)and have a great laugh and review the day we always had our evening meals in a nice clean environment never any cheap back street establishments and we always stayed in in good quality motels/hotels. Chasing with ETT also comes with some other advantages you get to hang out with reed timmet and the dominators and there crews every where you stop you can expect crows of people taking photos and asking questions and because you are part of the group you get to see the bits most others dont (and maby the bits they wish you hadn't) As I traveled from the uk buy air ett made this easyer buy offering a pickup and drop off service so you are never left traving across a city not knowing what you are doing. I left the tour making some great friends and I also include the ett tour guides in this is was never us and them we were all part of the group and I will be 100% be joining them again

Vehicle review:

The vans we travel in are well fitted out to make you as comfortable as possible with good wifi connections air conditioning and reasonably comfortable seats and they are clean. They have giant lexan roofs so you get to see all of the storm and hail above you and good windows all round to give you the best views possible and having the tvn web cam onbord you can let your friends at home follow you in the chase

Tour guide review:

Matt, Blake, Shanda, Kevin, and Dave they were all a great bunch of people and like I said above I still call them friends they all know there stuff and will do there upmost to give you a good time

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