Matthew Higgins

Review of "Tour 5" by Extreme Tornado Tours

General review

I lost count of how many tornadoes i saw, need i say more! I was well briefed each morning and during chases on what we were chasing and why. I also had no issues with the information provided prior to the tour or at any stage during. We stayed in good hotels and ate and drank very well! We had very little down time but during these periods we did visit some nice parks and some shops for technical supplies.

Vehicle review:

The vehicles were more than comfortable enough with enough room to host multiple suitcases and camera bags etc. The vans also have a see through roof so you can see whats going on above you. We also had a multiple coolers in the back to keep water cool.

Tour guide review:

A very strong point for ETT. All guides were very knowledgeable and experienced chasers who were willing to share their wisdom. I have been on other tours where the information flow was limited at best. We found storms everyday which either produced tornadoes or photographic super cells. All guides had a good sense of humour and made a decent effort to find nice, fun places to eat and drink.

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