Matt Michela

Review of "Matt Michela" by Extreme Chase Tours

General review

My review of this tour is pretty simply: Unbelievable! I scheduled this tour with no real idea of what I might encounter. I had never been on a tornado tour and in fact I had never seen a tornado so I was a bit nervous but very excited. The scheduling process was very easy from start to finish so there was no issues with booking. Lanny made it clear that the weather might not be the best but that we should see something. And we saw something indeed!!! Not only did I see my first tornado, but five on the second day of the tour. The tour was very professional from start to finish and very comfortable. Lanny and his team are great at what they do. The excitement of the chase is really captured on the tour, and Lanny knows just how to convey this to all of the people on the tour. I have said it before but, nothing can ever match that moment when your setup in the right spot at the right time and watch mother nature go to work. Certainly an experience I will never forget and encourage my friends and family to experience this as well.

Vehicle review:

Our vehicle was very comfortable and included a window looking seat for all of the guests on this tour. I don't believe the vehicle lacked anything as we had radar, internet and all the tools we needed while out on the road. I would give one tip to others who are going on any tour, pack very lightly as there is not a lot of room for luggage.

Tour guide review:

As mentioned, Lanny was very "in tune" with what was happening with the weather at all times. His targeted areas always verified and we were treated to 5 tornadoes in 1 day alone! I think that is one of the biggest things that I was impressed with the most. He would discuss his thoughts with all of us in our morning meetings. When we got to an area to chase sometimes the sky would be perfectly blue and then in a matter of hours we would witness massive storm clouds that had gone up. He was able to get us to what he called target areas with great consistency.

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