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In addition I have also chased privately with Roger Hill as well. The experience is something that I can say is worth it for everyone to experience. The tours are well organized and very professional. The drivers are as always very professional, and I have never heard any one of them question Roger's reason for going to a certain place. The tours themselves are amazing. As a non-weather professional, I had the opportunity to learn about supercell storms, how they develop, and about tornado genesis. Each day we are shown what goes into the forcast and as time goes on we're given the opportunity to give our own forcasts based on the data, and to determine where we're going. Even when we're not having a "weather 101" class, we are shown the reasoning behind where we are going. We are never kept in the dark on any chasing decision. Roger as the host is absolutely wonderful. He's professional in every way, and keeps the passengers at a safe distance, yet close enough to feel the wind, hear the roar, and get into the hail. In addition to the Silverlining offerings, I've had the opportunity to chase with Roger privately, and his private chases are equal to what he gives with Silverlining Tours.

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