Review of "Christoffer" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

I was chasing with Tornadic Expeditions and Erik Burns as one of their first guests ever. We were treated with one of the best weather setups in ages with notably the Dodge City tornado outbreak (which we saw) and the 90 minute Chapman tornado (that we missed) during our week. All in all we some something between 15-20 tornadoes, which is absolutely incredible! The tour itself was in most aspects great. We started each morning by going through the forecast so we would understand what would happen during the chase. During the chase and at each stop Erik would explain what was happening and answer every question with good and elaborate answers, which was highly educational. The tour was an emotional rollercoaster starting off with seeing tornadoes three days out of four, including the amazing Dodge City-tornadoes. We unfortunately missed on the Chapman tornado just like many others, but it still was a huge bummer. Then we experienced the "perfect setup" on our last day that turned to a state wide-bust. Erik still managed to find a supercell in OK where we were some of the first ones to be on. All in all, it was a great tour, especially considering it was the first one for Tornadic Expeditions and I can highly recommend TE for other guests. The 4 out of 5 is a strong 4.

Vehicle review:

We drove a very comfortable Toyota van that was equipped with a screen for the passengers in the back to be able to watch radar etc, which is a VERY good feature all tour vans should have. There is plenty of leg room and the van has both USB and regular power outlets as well as WiFi, which is very convenient. The only thing that bothered me is that the van has reduced visibility out the front window but Erik told me he would reconsider arrangements for that until next season, based on our feedback.

Tour guide review:

Erik Burns did a great job forecasting the storms and "gave" us the chase of a lifetime in terms of the Dodge City tornado outbreak by recognizing the pattern early enough for us to blast up there, despite having another target selected. As with most other tour guides we caught some tornadoes and missed some other days. As a tour guide Erik is very friendly, energetic and involved/emotional. You can tell he really loves tornadoes and will share both ups and downs with you, maybe even to a greater extent than most guests! He is highly dedicated to make the tour guests feel welcome and catered for during the tour.

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