Richard Idle

Review of "Tour Five" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

This was the most exciting holidays I've been far. There were tornados in the area and there were storms, the like I'd never seen before. Peter had excellent technology at his finger-tips to track storms and he and his co-driver, Malcolm were on top the game throughout. With their expensive radar equipment and their extensive knowledge of geography and meteorology it made our holiday so exciting because it seemed very easy to find storms. Travelling hundreds of miles a day was most enjoyable too. The scenery was breathtaking and the vehicle was very comfortable for all of us. It really is a never to be forgotten experience and I would recommend this holiday to anybody that is thinking about going on one of Peter's tours.

Vehicle review:

The vehicle was a monster. There was plenty of space for a kit bag and a camera. Great vision from all seats and a fridge for cold drinks or food too

Tour guide review:

Peter was fantastic. He had a wealth of knowledge for tracking and finding storms. He did this with health and safety being paramount and did not put us into any danger. This did not hinder our experience one bit I might add. He clearly is very experienced in this type of tour as he found places to eat and sleep every day/night too.

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