Glenn Geise

Review of "Glenn Geise" by StormGroup Chasers

General review

This tour has a much more personal and intimate atmosphere due to its restricted size. Everyone in the vehicle is not only kept in the loop as to the groups situation and objectives, but actually has the opportunity to learn the dynamics behind the decisions to make storm intercepts. Another nice touch to the tours is the daily picnic lunch. This was a really nice break from the normal fast food restaurants and a huge time saver as well. Anyone who has been on a tour before, knows that as you are driving to an intercept area, you must manage your time well because sometimes you can miss a tornado by sheer minutes. It is much easier to time manage a smaller group when it comes to eating and rest room breaks when you are making your way to your target area. When it comes to breakfast and dinner, Peter tries to find a restaurant that is a local favorite instead of the usual national chain restaurant fare. We had some really awesome home style cooked meals on the tours this last year! Anyone who even considers going out on a storm chasing tour will discover that you instantly have commonality with everyone else on the tour and the common thread is your fascination with weather. Peter’s approach to a smaller group concept is much more personable and educational and the experiences you share with the group will establish lifelong friendships.

Vehicle review:

The vehicle is an SUV with plenty of room which is important since you spend so much time in the vehicle. The seats are soft and much more comfortable than a van bench seat. The vehicle is new and had no maintenance issues and it has plenty of power just in case you need it.

Tour guide review:

I must say that I am pleasantly pleased with the new style of organization Peter worked up for the tour group which offers a more personal experience for everyone, not often found in larger tour groups. Peter not only shares his knowledge of weather, but keeps everyone informed as to our objectives and our current weather situation. This enables everyone to better understand the dynamics behind tornadic storm development and thus acquire a deeper appreciation for the weather events that are witnessed. Peter put us on the best storms every day and we saw a number of tornadoes on the two tours I was on. Peter also puts an emphasis on safety by positioning the group in the safest viewing positions in relation to the tornado's speed and direction of movement.

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