Daniel Itzigsohn

Review of "Extreme Instability* - Tour 5 - 7 Days" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

The tour was great in many aspects. I arrived to Oklahoma the day that weather in the US pretty much 'stopped' and was anxious to see what was going to happen during the trip and if something could be 'saved' out of this gloomy outlook. Erik, after reviewing the options, decided we should go to New Mexico (Roswell Area) since there (according to his words) "orography works magic". And so it was, we drove all the way to new Mexico to witness the most impressive Supercells (mostly LP, but also classic and HP). Nowhere else in the US anyone could find such weather during this time It is a testimony to Erik's professionalism and utter dedication that we could see such amazing weather. Given the situation, we could not ask for more. I certainly intend to join another tour in 2021 with Erik and his team. Highly recommended. The vans used for this tour were very comfortable, clean, well equipped and with very decent wifi and radar and weather displays. We drove hundreds of miles without tiring too much, due to the fact that the vans were comfortable, the captain seats in the second road were very nice, and that the group and Erik's team did everything to make us feel good and comfortable. the tour organization and nimbleness was also very good, and we could accommodate to changes required to pursue the weather (hotels, restaurants, etc.). Erik always looked for decent hotels and good restaurants, and the last two days, after weather stopped everywhere (even in New Mexico) we spent touring on our way back to Denver (from where we departed). We visited many great places and that was also a very pleasant and beautiful part of the trip We did not see a lot of tornadoes (there were very few), but we managed to see one landspout and some HP storm that 'hid' a tornado inside.

Vehicle review:

Erik did indeed make the best out of the weather that took place during this week. We managed to see amazing cloud structures, but not many tornadoes (there were none). I think that Erik and his team handled the scarce weather and maximized our experience, and this is a testimony to their professionalism and dedication

Tour guide review:

The tour was very comfortable and professional, Erik and his team were always willing to answer any question and shows us how (and why) they reached their decisions regarding where and when to chase.

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