Review of "Tour #1" by Extreme Tornado Tours

General review

The tour was great. The first 4 days were packed with amazing weather and the team got us to all the action we could get to. Unfortunately the weather kind of left us with blue skies for the rest of the tour, but that's the risk you take when trying to book for weather; it's unpredictable. But the team made the best of it for us and took us on a fun road trip showing us some unique sights and cool eats. At the end they had a cookout for us and we watched TWISTER, which was a lot of fun too. 🙂

Vehicle review:

The vehicles were good! I'm 6'3" and had a seat in the back with no seat in front of me....so lots of leg room! 🙂 I had a super long window to look out of and take pictures from too. They weren't anything real posh, but they did the job and they got us from point A to point B numerous times and I never felt overly uncomfortable.

Tour guide review:

The tour guides (there were 4) seemed very knowledgeable and into what they were doing, and always seemed to have the goal to get us into the storm, but also to keep us safe when things started to get a little wild.

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