Review of "Prime Intensity - Tour 4 - 10 Days" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

I went on tour 4 for 10 days. During that time I saw 10 tornadoes & covered 9 states from New Mexico to South Dakota & Montana. Erik the tour director would drive miles on end to get us to the best storm of the day, even if the outlook didn't appear severe. He trusted his gut alongside his knowledge and experience and we got to see supercells, lightning shows, amazing sunsets & TORNADOES!!! This was the best experience of my life. The van had 3 other guests, Erik and a guide. It was a comfortable ride with a window view every day. The fun we had was indescribable & I have made lifelong friends. We were that impressed by the tour that we have all booked again for 2019. We stayed in great accommodation and ate at great places. The entire experience is one I will never forget. It was so good that I cancelled my flight & stayed for tour 6 also.

Vehicle review:

Erik was outstanding. On days that were marginal, he made every effort to chase what was the best storm of the day. We got beautiful structures & that alone was impressive. He made an effort every day we were on tour. He would study the weather and study again in the morning. He was always analysing every part of it and trusting his judgement and experience and it paid off.

Tour guide review:

The tour was comfortable. I was met prior to the tour commencing and picked up by Erik himself. Erik & his guides were very professional, knew what they were talking about and made it a tonne of fun. We were never put into situations that were dangerous and when we had to relocate at any stage, they were efficient and prompt in doing so. During severe weather, there was never any issues and Erik's driving was amazing. After the tour ended we had a celebration dinner and the process of arriving and leaving was very smooth.

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