Review of "Tour 7 - Violent Skies" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

Each of us were met at the airport upon our arrival and taken to our hotel by the Tornadic Expeditions before we started our tour the following morning. Both Erik Burns, the tour owner, and Adam Cuker, his co-director, were extremely professional and knowledgeable about storm formations and the best conditions for a tornado to occur. Because we were a small group, only 4 guests and 2 directors, we could easily change our plans to accommodate the weather, be flexible in eating arrangements, and book rooms at the last minute for the small group. I would definitely travel with Tornadic Expeditions again.

Vehicle review:

We traveled in a small van which was kept clean and had a mirrored screen pointed towards the passengers so we could see everything the tour directors were looking at on their laptop trying to analyze the data in real time for the best position to chase storms. This allowed us to ask them many questions on what they were seeing and what it meant. The van also had wifi so each of us could connect a device to access the internet and enough power outlets to recharge our internet devices and cameras, too. There were 4 passengers travelling with Erik and Adam, the two tornado chasing experts taking us storm chasing. We each had a window seat and room to keep our personal day stuff with us.

Tour guide review:

Our two tour director, Erik Burns, and his co-director, Adam Cuker, were knowledgeable about the storms and constantly analyzed the data to determine the best location for us to be for the near and long term to see a severe thunderstorm and hopefully a tornado. Unfortunately, we did not see any tornadoes, but we we saw many supercell thunderstorms including a 3.5 hour continuous lightning show. There were 2 days of no storm activity in The Plains, so Erik Burns took us to many interesting spots to sightsee instead, including a national park and a national monument. As a result, every day was full of adventures.

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