Review of "Upslope Supercells - Tour 6" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

This tour was phenomenal. With only 4 guests and two experts up front, it was perfect. Eric and Adam were very knowledgeable and were always "on the chase" checking their radar constantly to keep us in line for any storm developing. Although we did not see a tornado, we still got to experience some fantastic storms.

Vehicle review:

The van is very comfortable, he even has wifi. There are two computer screens so people in the back can see the radar and follow along with the chase plan.

Tour guide review:

The guys were great! Very easy going, but professional and knowledgeable. Every little thing was handled so well. Always in a good mood and positive energy flowed abundantly. We went from 6 strangers to friends in one day. The van is very comfortable and roomy. Sometimes spending over 10 hrs driving in one day, but we had so much fun, laughing and eating great food. I will definitely use them again in the future for another tour.

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