Review of May Madness – Tornadic Expeditions

Review of "May Madness - Tour 2 - 7 Days" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

I recently completed Tour #2 (April 29th - May 7th, 2023) with Tornadic Expeditions. It was a fantastic experience, one that I would highly recommend to anyone who has an interest in tornado chasing. This tour originated in Oklahoma City and took us to locations throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Tour Director Erik Burns and his colleague Conor O'Leary were extremely professional and knowledgeable, not only about Tornado chasing, but the science involved in mapping and responding to changing weather patterns. This experience would be appropriate for seasoned chasers and novices alike. If you are looking for a relaxing experience, this may not be the experience for you as you are "on the move", particularly on chase days, which typically last until late in the evening. On days where a chase did not occur, these were definitely not "down days" as we toured, state parks, and visited monuments that guests thoroughly enjoyed. Attention to detail was also a hallmark of the experience as our accommodations were comfortable when we were not chasing. Likewise the touring vans we used were comfortable and climate controlled that enhanced the enjoyment of the experience, especially when driving longer distances. I really appreciated having a small group of chasers (4 + two guides) during our adventure as it allowed us to have our questions answered about weather patterns and tornados. Because of their experience in chasing, Erik and his team have also mapped out all of the great dining venues, that would appeal to everyone's tastes - We ate very well! Erik and his team also held an orientation prior to our expedition, where they explained much of the terminology and the nuances of storm chasing. It would have been helpful to perhaps had some a "chase pack" that supported the material discussed during the orientation, as there was a lot to remember. It was never a concern because Erik and Conor were quick to answer our questions.

Vehicle review:

The vehicle was very good for our tour it comfortably fit our guides Erik, Conor and 4 guests along with their luggage. I never felt cramped, or uncomfortable while chasing. Each passenger had their own seat, with reasonably good site lines. The vehicle was wifi enabled with the ability to charge our personal devices. I would suggest to any potential participants to pack lightly, (think carry-on luggage on an airplane). Packing larger bags could present an issue for spacing.

Tour guide review:

The May Madness four was excellent, suitable for seasoned chasers and novices alike. Our accommodations were appropriate and comfortable for our adventure, we would typically stay at a Holiday Inn Express or equivalent hotel. Our tour Director Erik and his colleague Conor, were very professional, ensuring that guests were provided with a fulfilling experience. As mentioned, there were 5 of a possible 7 days to chase and the days where a chase did not occur, we toured state parks and other local attractions. I was particularly impressed how Erik and his team knew where the best restaurants were and where to get a great cup of coffee, which kept everyone happy. We did have one very small vehicle related issue which was quickly addressed by Erik and Conor and it did not interfere whatsoever with the enjoyment of our tour. They were prepared for any eventuality. Erik and Conor were very knowledgeable about the science of forecasting storms, utilizing available technologies to put our group in the best possible position to see the storms we were chasing.

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