Shad E. Sanders

Review of "Northern Expedition - Tour 8 - 10 Days" by Tornadic Expeditions

General review

This was my first time to go on this type of tour. I am a member of the CoCoRah community and always wanted to do a storm tour. No we did not have tornadoes every day, nor did the storms always cooperate. However this tour focused on placing us in the best position each day. I was happy with how each day played out and happy with the storms that we chased and pursued. In between storms we checked out the local tourist places of interest and allowed the tour to be a foodie paradise sampling the local delis, shops, and places. I loved the fact that we ate local and not fast food every single time (we only ate fast food 4 or 5 times), we chased the major storms of the day and kept repositioning ourselves until the storm had nothing left to give.

Vehicle review:

The vehicle was comfortable. We each had personal space, charging stations, window blinds, personal air vents, and adjustable seats. We drove over 3,000 miles but did not feel cramped at all even with 6 people and luggage and cameras. . The vehicle had great thread on the tires, I felt was tuned up before the trip. Most importantly I felt it was clean.

Tour guide review:

Erik Burns (owner) and Adam Lucio was approachable, enthusiastic, and patient and truly a lot of fun to spend 10 days with. I was nervous at first getting in a van with strangers for 10 days but Erik provided a safe, friendly, comfortable environment. I do want to note Erik was just as enthusiastic about answering the same question on the tenth time as he was the first time. We had a lot of terminology and jargon thrown at us but Erik was happy to explain and reexplain what we were seeing and witnessing. I felt he was more concern that we were getting the pictures of the storm that we wanted before he even pulled out his own camera. He and Adam definitely made this a trip of a lifetime. I feel I made friends for life when we started out as complete strangers.

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