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Tornado Alley Chasing

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Tornado Alley Chasing is an opportunity for storm chasers and weather enthusiasts that want to learn how to chase severe weather. My name is David Williams, and my mission is to give people from around the world a partner in storm chasing. I will teach you how to forecast and chase severe storms and tornadoes throughout the U.S. and Canada. For those established chasers that live overseas, I welcome you to join me as a storm chasing partner. Tornado Alley has some of the wildest and most photogenic weather on Earth. I want to meet and build relationships with storm chasers, and I want to do that by partnering with small, enthusiastic groups. If you have no storm chasing or forecasting experience, but you want to learn, then I can teach you. I love chasing severe weather, and I want those that share my passion to have an opportunity to pursue it.

Price: $300

Price type: Per day and person

Tour guide feed included in price: Yes

Vehicle included in price: Yes

Gas included in price: Yes

Hotel included in prices: Yes

Special terms:

Tour guide: David Williams

Vehicle: The Stormtrooper

Departure city: Denver, Colorado

Read more and book the tour here

About the author

I've been storm chasing for 20 years, and I started this business in 2014. I am self-taught, and I've devoted a significant amount of time to studying meteorology and forecasting. I teach for a living and I'm good at it. I love teaching people to chase tornadoes and epic structure. I'm married to the best wife ever. We travel the world, snowboard, surf, and we love reading. Major Harry Potter fans here!
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            [comment_content] => Hi David, I  am looking to witness my first tornado as I did not get the chance this season (2018) due to unusually quiet conditions. This offer seems ideal for me in which I have no problem assisting in the chase along with you. Do you have an idea when you begin chasing 2019 ?

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