Storm chasing in Kansas

Kansas is not only known for the tornado that brought Dorothy to Oz but also probably the favorite State to chase tornadoes in among storm chasers. Kansas offers the perfect blend of everything! Kansas gets a high frequency of tornadoes (comparable to Oklahoma), the road network is usually superb making it easy to get close and almost the entire state is super flat so you can see a tornado from miles away!

kansas stormchasing
A quite typical photo of a storm in Kansas. Vast skies, very flat, a few trees and chasing on a dirt road (unfortunately).

If you chase through Kansas, chances are you will pass by the city of Greensburg that was demolished in an EF-5 in 2007 but has now been completely rebuilt. In recent years many chasers remember May 24th-25th 2016 when there were probably the two best consecutive chase days with the Dodge City tornado outbreak followed by the Chapman EF-4 the next day.

If you would pick one state to chase in for the rest of your life, chances are you would choose Kansas!

Storm chasing tours starting in Kansas

This is a list of all the tours that departs from Kansas this storm chasing season. Usually, Kansas is not a common place to start storm chasing tours as spring tours usually departs from Oklahoma or Texas. Later on in the season it is more common to have storm chasing tours departing from Denver, Colorado.

Wichita, Kansas

TourTour companyStart date
Tour #1StormChasingTour.comApr 21 2424
Tour #2StormChasingTour.comApr 28 2424
Tour #3StormChasingTour.comMay 05 2424
Tour #4StormChasingTour.comMay 12 2424
Tour #5StormChasingTour.comMay 19 2424
Tour #6StormChasingTour.comMay 26 2424
Tour #7StormChasingTour.comJun 09 2424
Tour #8StormChasingTour.comJun 16 2424

Private tours and on-call tours to chase specifically in Kansas

Storm chasing is, by its nature, not geographically set: you go where the storms are. If you specifically want to chase a setup in Kansas or if you would like to chase the storms that exist in Kansas on a specific day your best option is to try a Private Tour. Some have specific home bases (in other States) but there is often a flexibility. You will have to ask around among the tours in the list linked above.