Storm chasing in April

April is the start of spring and the start of the storm chasing season. Many storm chasing tour companies start their tours in mid or late April. Although May is statistically the peak of storm chasing season, April is still prime time for tornadoes and especially in the Southern Plains like Texas and Oklahoma.

Chasing in April could mean both long streaks of down days or spectacular tornado outbreaks – in other words, it can be a hit or miss. Crashing cold fronts could come in and remove all the low level moisture from the Plains which is important for storm development and you may end up with nothing to chase. Also, storms can be very fast during April which makes chasing difficult.

tornado activity in late april
Tornado activity in April pinpoints Texas and central Oklahoma to a large extent. Map by

On the other hand, if the jet stream is aligned well you can experience some spectacular tornado activity. Many of the most amazing tornado outbreaks have been in April – outbreaks where you get to see multiple tornadoes in one day! So, basically, chasing in April is for you who want to score big and experience historical events but can also prove to be a bit of a bust!

If you chase in April, as mentioned, you are likely to be chasing in the Southern Plains and especially Texas. April can also be an active period for Dixie Alley and depending on your tour dates and tour guide preference you may end up chasing in the Gulf States. Some tour companies, however, never go there out of principle as chasing in Dixie Alley is very difficult.

Storm chasing tours in April

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