Storm chasing in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is THE tornado state #1! It is the state that gets the most tornadoes per square mile and is home to some of the most powerful tornadoes that have ever struck the world, with El Reno 2013 being the record holder. It has had some devastating EF-5 tornadoes in Oklahoma City/Moore. Many tour companies have their bases in Oklahoma, many chasers live here and the Storm Prediction Center is based out of Norman, OK. If you chase storms, this is most often where you start.

early may oklahoma tornado frequecy

The best storm season in Oklahoma is typically mid April to early/mid May (in terms of historical tornado frequency) but Oklahoma is not necessarily the best State to see tornadoes. The State has its fair share of hills, trees and metropolitan areas in the Eastern parts that makes it difficult to chase and see storms there.

Storm chasing tours departing from Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the most common state to have storm chasing tours departing from and is also among the best states to go chasing in on a specific day as there are many tour companies and tour guides that are based in Oklahoma. In other words, if you want to go chasing on any given day – chances are probably the best you will be able to do so in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma all storm chasing tours are based out of either Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

TourTour companyStart date
Tour 1Extreme Tornado ToursApr 14 2020
Tour 2Extreme Tornado ToursApr 21 2020
Epic April - Tour 1 - 7 DaysTornadic ExpeditionsApr 21 2020
T1 Close Encounters TourSilver Lining ToursApr 22 2020
Tour 1 - Tornado Outbreak TourTempest ToursApr 23 2020
Tour 3Extreme Tornado ToursApr 30 2020
May Madness - Tour 2 - 7 DaysTornadic ExpeditionsApr 30 2020
Tour 2 - Early May Tornado TourTempest ToursMay 02 2020
T2 Caprock MagicSilver Lining ToursMay 03 2020
Tour Number 1Storm Chasing Adventure ToursMay 03 2020
Tour 4Extreme Tornado ToursMay 09 2020
The Extreme - Tour 3 - 7 DaysTornadic ExpeditionsMay 09 2020
Tour Number 2Storm Chasing Adventure ToursMay 10 2020
T3 Great Plains CycloneSilver Lining ToursMay 11 2020
Tour 3 - Tornado Bliss TourTempest ToursMay 11 2020
May MinitourSilver Lining ToursMay 17 2020
Tour Number 3Storm Chasing Adventure ToursMay 17 2020
Tour 5Extreme Tornado ToursMay 18 2020
Prime Intensity - Tour 4 - 10 DaysTornadic ExpeditionsMay 18 2020
T4 Prime TimeSilver Lining ToursMay 19 2020
Tornado Adventure VTornado AdventuresMay 19 2020
SLT Photo Tour #1Silver Lining ToursMay 22 2020
Tour 4 - Memorial Holiday Tornado TourTempest ToursMay 23 2020
Tour Number 4Storm Chasing Adventure ToursMay 24 2020
Tornado Adventure VITornado AdventuresMay 25 2020
Tour 6Extreme Tornado ToursMay 31 2020
Tornado Adventure VIITornado AdventuresJun 01 2020
Tornado Adventure VIIITornado AdventuresJun 08 2020

Tulsa, Oklahoma

TourTour companyStart date
Example tour for testingCentral Plains Chasing ToursJun 01 2020

Private tours and on-call tours to chase in, and around, Oklahoma

Storm chasing is, by its nature, not geographically set: you go where the storms are. Even if you start a chase in Oklahoma you can end up in neighboring states while chasing. If you specifically want to chase a setup in Oklahoma or if you would like to chase the storms that exist in Oklahoma on a specific day your best option is to try a Private Tour.

You will have to ask around among the tours in the list linked above to see who can help you out with a storm chasing tour in Oklahoma. A good idea is to ask any of the tour companies listed above as this typically means they can easily do a tour from that city.