Where to discuss and get news about storm chasing

If you are new to storm chasing, want to learn more, listen to advice from other storm chasers, get news, discuss weather forecasts or just share your favorite photos there are a few platforms you should consider:

  • StormTrack.org – This is a forum specifically for storm chasers and although it has seen some decline it is still quite active and also a great source of information if you browse all the old threads. You are often welcome as a new chaser and you are allowed to ask “stupid” questions as long as you have done some homework – and you typically get great answers.
  • Twitter – Twitter is the most popular social media platform among most storm chasers. It allows for quick reports of current events/storms, fast communication during chases and this is usually where you get the news first. 
  • Facebook – Facebook is of course a well used platform for storm chasers but in other ways. There are lots of Facebook groups for chasers and “weather fans” where you can see the latest storm videos share. The information is quite spread out and there is no one Facebook group where “all” chasers go and post. Instead, the information is spread out among the Facebook pages of tour companies, famous storm chasing characters and chaser groups.
  • Discord – the discussion platform Discord is getting more popular among storm chasers as you can ask and get quick responses to your questions, making it very suitable to discuss ongoing storms. You can start by checking out StormTrack on Discord (just search for “stormtrack”).
  • Instagram – Instagram is mostly used by chasers as portfolios of their best photos and is neglected by many. It is not a platform to either discuss storm chasing or get news (as most photos are put up after a few days of polishing in Photoshop).