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Looking for a storm chasing tour where you'll get to sharpen your forecasting skills and understanding of severe weather instead of just being along for the ride? Since 1989 the College of DuPage has been helping weather enthusiasts learn about storms and tornadoes on unique storm chasing trips where participants will get a hands on experience unlike any other tour. Chase days will start off with learning and practicing hand analysis, a critical skill used at the Storm Prediction Center that helps forecasters find the best severe weather setups. Additionally, tours are led by Meteorology Professors that will teach a wide range of topics ranging from storm spotting to how the forecast models we use every day actually work. When possible, participants will even have the opportunity to assist in mobile balloon launches to gain critical weather data during severe weather events. Our goal is not just finding the best storms and photo opportunities for the group, but it is also to help each participant gain a greater understanding of the power of our atmosphere in a safe and unrivaled hands on experience.

Scheduled group tours

Tours in 2024

Tour NameStart DateEnd DatePrice
Tour 12024-04-262024-05-05 $1388
Tour 22024-05-172024-05-26 $1388
Tour 32024-05-312024-06-09 $1388
Tour 42024-06-142024-06-23 $1388

Please note that...

  • All information given about the tour operator and their tours are second hand information and could be outdated and erronous. The latest, and most correct, information can always found and validated on the COD Storm Chasing website
  • The start date does not necessarily mean it is a chase day, although this is typically the case. The end date could be a chase day but typically, it is not.
  • Do not schedule your flight according to the dates given here. Always double check this with the tour operator before you book your flight!
  • Prices could be subjected to discounts.
  • The tours could be full and you may not be able to book it.

Why choose COD Storm Chasing?

The major difference is we can offer you the same experience as a storm chasing tour group for a lot less money! A storm chasing tour company going out for a similar length of time will typically charge between $2500 and $3500. In addition, because we are educators and you are obtaining college credit, everyone participating on our trips can expect to learn about thunderstorms, tornadoes and storm chasing. Finally, we have been taking students out storm chasing since 1989, so we offer you more experience than any of the major storm chasing tour operators that we are aware of.

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Tour Guides & Staff

Prof. Ron StenzTour guide
Prof. Paul SirvatkaTour guide

Vehicle(s) used

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Modified Ford Transit #1

COD runs two vehicles. Note that there is no window seat guarantee.

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Modified Ford Transit #2

COD runs two vehicles. Note that there is no window seat guarantee.

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