Vorticity Storm Tours

vorticity storm tours
Vorticity Storm Chasers is a team of storm chasers based out of Manitoba Canada, offering small (3 guests max) and affordable tours throughout Tornado Alley in May, and Canada and the Northern Plains from June- September.

Why choose Vorticity Storm Tours?

1. Guests can experience a more personal 1 on 1 tour and learning experience compared to the larger group experiences offered by others. 2. Affordability, our Tornado Alley tours cost $3500.CAD ($2680 USD) and that includes everything except personal food and extras. 3. Safety, all of our team members/guides are certified in Emergency First Aid/CPR and we even have a Certified Paramedic on our team, Our driver (myself) has over 11 years of chasing experience, and our navigator has 9 years experience.

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Tour Guides & Staff

Adam YoungTour guide
Bill CarruthersTour guide
Jordan CarruthersOwner, Driver

Vehicle(s) used

manitoba storm chasers vehicle
Manitoba Storm Chasers vehicle

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