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Tour 4 2022 was a very enjoyable experience. We had 2 proper chasing days and scored a wedge tornado on the first, this thanks to Brandon's brilliant ability to get you where you want to be on a storm and safely take you close to the action. The hotels were of good quality and Brandon makes an effort to find good and interesting places to stop for food. This means we had a sit down meal almost every evening with good variety and no fast food. Depending on the distance to travel we would had some point of interest along our drives before the afternoon storms. When no storms were forecast we always had an interesting day activity along our route, be it a canyon, volcano or simply a quaint town for lunch, every day was enjoyable and featured something memorable regardless of the weather. The small tour group size also makes it a very personal and less crowded experience I reached out to Brandon before booking to tour and he was very helpful with answering my questions. He offers a friendly and professional service that I highly recommend. If you are looking for a storm chasing tour, look no further!

Vehicle review:

The vehicle is comfortable with enough space for everyone and it is equipped with charging ports for your phone and camera. There is a screen to follow the weather on and snacks are also provided. On the tour we had a rotating seat system so every day we moved around in order to give everyone a chance at each position.

Tour guide review:

Brandon is an excellent tour guide, he is the man to trust to get you "on time on target". He perfectly positioned us on the storm on May 23rd first to watch it develop and then right in position to watch tornado formation. Thanks to his expertise we got to observe a dusty wedge tornado at a close, but safe, range. The following day he got us right into the hail core of another storm. Brandon is always calm and professional, he will answer any questions you have and is always on the lookout for changing conditions and how to get the best angle on a storm. He explains the weather forecast and day plan each morning and will keep you updated throughout the day and when on the storm as to his thinking.

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