Extreme Instability* – Tour 5 – 7 Days

Extreme Instability* - Tour 5 - 7 Days by Tornadic Expeditions in 2021

  • Starts: 2021-05-30 (This tour has already been executed)
  • Ends: 2021-06-05
  • Price: $2700
  • Chase days: 7
  • Price per day: $385 / day
  • Departure city: Denver, Colorado
  • Description: No description available
  • Tour guides: Erik Burns
  • Vehicles used No vehicles specified yet.

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Name: Ray
Tour: Extreme Instability* - Tour 5 - 7 Days
Year: 2021

General review

This was my fifth time to tour with Tornadic Expeditions - and as usual - it was a week-long adventure filled blast! The point of chasing storms of course is to find some - and we did. We found amazing storms every day except the last day - so we took advantage of the clear skies in our departure city and did some late night star gazing with an amazing meteor shower and some stunning stellar photography! Our group was perfectly sized at 8 guests and 3 guides. I'm always amazed at how wonderful the people are - a thirst for nature adventure draws a diverse group of fascinating people from all over everywhere. I've already booked tour 8 for next year. We didn't encounter any severe problems. The service level was excellent

Tour guide review

All 3 of our guides were extremely professional and safe - but also fun, knowledgeable, helpful, and just great people to get to know. I've known Eric for 4 years now - and he draws very strict lines around safety, he knows how to have fun too. I never felt unsafe even for a moment. I've heard most accidents are not related to weather - they are related to driving. Our drivers were very focused and safe. Jason and Billy, our other two driver/guides are now new friends as well. .

Vehicle review

The vehicles were clean, well-serviced, and very comfortable. Each vehicle had its own WiFi with access to two different data providers - so we had amazing data coverage.
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