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All storm chasing tours in 2024

Tour OperatorTour NameChase DaysStart DateEnd datePrice
Extreme Tornado Tours Anticipated Velocity Voyage Tour (Tour 4)92024-05-092024-05-173780Finished
Extreme Chase Tours Early Bird Tour 162024-04-152024-04-202300Finished
Extreme Chase Tours Early Bird Tour 262024-04-212024-04-262300Finished
Twisted Sky Tours Early June Tour62024-06-022024-06-073150Upcoming
Extreme Tornado Tours Enhanced Plains Exploration Tour (Tour 2)82024-04-192024-04-263370Finished
Extreme Tornado Tours Great Plains Safari Tour (Tour 6)72024-06-022024-06-082950Upcoming
Extreme Chase Tours Great Plains Tour 1102024-06-042024-06-132900Upcoming
Extreme Chase Tours Great Plains Tour 262024-06-182024-06-232800Upcoming
Extreme Chase Tours Great Plains Tour 362024-06-252024-06-302900Upcoming
Extreme Tornado Tours High Risk Excursion Tour (Tour 5)102024-05-202024-05-294190Upcoming
Twisted Sky Tours Late June Tour72024-06-232024-06-293400Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours May Minitour42024-05-122024-05-151650Finished
Extreme Chase Tours Mayhem Tour 162024-05-022024-05-072700Finished
Extreme Chase Tours Mayhem Tour 262024-05-082024-05-132700Finished
Extreme Chase Tours Mayhem Tour 362024-05-172024-05-222700On-going
Extreme Chase Tours Mayhem Tour 482024-05-242024-05-312900Upcoming
Extreme Tornado Tours Northern Cyclone Trek Tour (Tour 7)92024-06-112024-06-193780Upcoming
Extreme Chase Tours Northern Plains Tour 162024-07-062024-07-113200Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours Prime Time Minitour42024-05-262024-05-291850Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours SLT Photo Tour #162024-05-182024-05-232950On-going
Silver Lining Tours SLT Photo Tour #362024-06-232024-06-282950Upcoming
Extreme Tornado Tours Southern Extreme Adventure (Tour 1)72024-04-102024-04-162950Finished
Silver Lining Tours T1 Close Encounters Tour72024-04-202024-04-262950Finished
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours T1 TWISTER MADNESS62024-05-052024-05-102900Finished
Silver Lining Tours T2 Caprock Magic72024-04-282024-05-042850Finished
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours T2 TWISTER II62024-05-122024-05-172900Finished
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours T3 FLYING COWS IN THE SKY62024-05-192024-05-242900Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours T3 Great Plains Cyclone72024-05-062024-05-123050Finished
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours T4 HIGH PLAINS MAGIC62024-05-262024-05-312900Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours T4 Prime Time102024-05-142024-05-233950On-going
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours T5 FIRE IN THE SKY62024-06-022024-06-072900Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours T5 High Plains Magic62024-05-262024-05-312700Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours T6 High CAPE62024-06-022024-06-072700Upcoming
Storm Chasing Adventure Tours T6 TORNADO DISCOVERY62024-06-092024-06-142900Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours T7 Sculpted Supercell62024-06-092024-06-142700Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours T8 Rolling Prairies Lecture62024-06-162024-06-212800Upcoming
Silver Lining Tours T9 Great North Tornado Hunt82024-07-072024-07-143250Upcoming
Tempest Tours TEXAS BLUEBONNET AND SOLAR ECLIPSE TOUR52024-04-072024-04-112400Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure I72024-04-282024-05-042899Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure II72024-05-052024-05-112899Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure III42024-05-122024-05-151999Finished
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure IV42024-05-162024-05-191999On-going
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure IX42024-06-192024-06-221999Upcoming
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure V42024-05-232024-05-261999Upcoming
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure VI72024-05-272024-06-012899Upcoming
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure VII72024-06-032024-06-092899Upcoming
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure VIII72024-06-102024-06-162899Upcoming
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure X42024-06-232024-06-261999Upcoming
Tornado Adventures Tornado Adventure XI42024-06-272024-06-301999Upcoming Tour #162024-04-212024-04-262999Finished
ExtremAtmosfera Tour #1152024-05-202024-06-033100Upcoming Tour #262024-04-282024-05-032999Finished Tour #392024-05-052024-05-102999Finished Tour #462024-05-122024-06-172999On-going Tour #562024-05-192024-05-242999Upcoming Tour #662024-05-262024-05-312999Upcoming Tour #762024-06-092024-06-142999Upcoming Tour #862024-06-162024-06-212999Upcoming
COD Storm Chasing Tour 1102024-04-262024-05-051388Finished
Dark Sky Adventures Tour 172024-05-122024-05-183600Finished
Tempest Tours TOUR 1 - AWESOME APRIL TORNADO TOUR82024-04-192024-04-253280Finished
Tornadic Expeditions Tour 1A - Solar Eclipse & Storms - 7 Days72024-04-072024-04-133975Finished
Tornadic Expeditions Tour 1B - Epic April - 7 Days72024-04-212024-04-272750Finished
COD Storm Chasing Tour 2102024-05-172024-05-261388On-going
Dark Sky Adventures Tour 242024-05-192024-05-253600Upcoming
Tempest Tours TOUR 2 - EARLY MAY TORNADO TOUR82024-04-282024-05-043280Finished
Tornadic Expeditions Tour 2 - May Madness - 7 Days72024-04-302024-05-062800Finished
Tempest Tours TOUR 2B - EARLY MAY TORNADO PHOTO TOUR82024-04-282024-05-043830Finished
COD Storm Chasing Tour 3102024-05-312024-06-091388Upcoming
Tornadic Expeditions Tour 3 - The Extreme - 7 Days72024-05-092024-05-152950Finished
Tempest Tours TOUR 3 - TORNADO BLISS TOUR112024-05-072024-05-164180Finished
Tempest Tours TOUR 3B - TORNADO BLISS STORM CHASING PHOTO TOUR112024-05-072024-05-164950Finished
COD Storm Chasing Tour 4102024-06-142024-06-231388Upcoming
Tempest Tours TOUR 4 - TORNADO MAX DISCOVERY TOUR72024-05-192024-06-243040Upcoming
Tornadic Expeditions Tour 4A - Prime Intensity - 10 Days102024-05-182024-05-273950On-going
Tornadic Expeditions Tour 4B - Finger of God - 10 Days EXTREME TOUR102024-05-182024-05-274250On-going
Tempest Tours TOUR 4B - TORNADO MAX DISCOVERY STORM CHASING PHOTO TOUR72024-05-192024-05-243650Upcoming
Tornadic Expeditions Tour 5 - Extreme Instability - 7 Days72024-05-302024-06-052900Upcoming
Tempest Tours TOUR 5 - MEMORIAL HOLIDAY TORNADO TOUR62024-05-282024-06-022740Upcoming
Tornadic Expeditions Tour 6 - Upslope Supercells - 6 Days62024-06-082024-06-132700Upcoming
Tempest Tours TOUR 6 - WE GOT COWS TOUR112024-06-042024-06-134180Upcoming
Tempest Tours TOUR 7 - JUNE TORNADO BLISS TOUR72024-06-162024-06-213040Upcoming
Tornadic Expeditions Tour 7 - Violent Skies - 10 Days102024-05-192024-06-283750Upcoming
Tornadic Expeditions Tour 8 - Northern Expedition - 10 Days102024-07-082024-07-173950Upcoming
Tempest Tours TOUR 8 - TWISTED TWISTER TOUR62024-06-242024-07-282640Upcoming
Tempest Tours TOUR 9 - USA TWISTER TOUR62024-07-012024-07-052640Upcoming
StormGroup Chasers Tour Five102024-06-162024-06-253500Upcoming
StormGroup Chasers Tour Four102024-06-052024-06-143500Upcoming
F5! Tornado Safaris Tour One72024-05-122024-05-183995Finished
StormGroup Chasers Tour One102024-05-032024-05-123500Finished
StormGroup Chasers Tour Three102024-05-252024-06-033500Upcoming
F5! Tornado Safaris Tour Two72024-05-192024-05-253995Upcoming
StormGroup Chasers Tour Two102024-05-142024-05-233500On-going
Extreme Tornado Tours Traditional Intensity Expedition Tour (Tour 3)82024-04-292024-05-063370Finished

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