TE Tour Van

Our tour van is packed with the latest storm chasing technology! Rear facing monitor for our guest showing current radar and live GPS position. This same system is used during down time to play movies and for other entertainment. Each guest gets their own window seat and all seats recline for added comfort! Wifi is included in the van and we use AT&T and Verizon to maintain constant coverage no matter where we are at. Power towers situated in two areas of the van to power and charge your electronics, including USB chargers built in. We keep a small cooler in the rear of the van for extra beverages and snacks to take on the road.

Wifi: Yes

Entertainment system: 14 inch rear monitor displays radar and live GPS tracking. Monitor is also used to watch movies and tornado documentaries in surround sound throughout the van!

Window seats guaranteed: Yes

Number of seats: 7

Max number of guests in vehicle: 4

Tour operator: Tornadic Expeditions