Tour 4

Tour 4 by Weather Adventures in 2018

  • Starts: 2018-06-03 (This tour has already been executed)
  • Ends: 2018-06-12
  • Price: $3600
  • Chase days: 10
  • Price per day: $360 / day
  • Departure city: Denver, Colorado
  • Description:
  • Tour guides: Matt Grans | Drew Myer
  • Vehicles used No vehicles specified yet.

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Name: Christoffer Björkwall
Tour: Tour 4
Year: 2018
Blogged about the tour: Read more

General review

I went with Weather Adventures on a 10 day tour during a period where there were storms almost every day. Unfortunately, the storms were often very short lived and even if there were tornadoes in the general chase area they were usually super brief and small - with the great exception of the amazing Laramie, WY, tornado which we missed as well as everyone else. So, the weather wasn\\\'t great but Blake positioned us great for storms every day. Weather Adventures is a small tour company and as such very personal. Blake and his driver Drew take very good care of the tour guests and do their very best for you to have a good time while on the tour. One thing that was unique with chasing with Weather Adventures were the quality of the restaurants and hotels we went to. Blake always to find unique, excellent restaurants no matter where we went! Our first two days were down days and Blake took us to some national parks in western Colorado, which was highly appreciated. We had to rent a Suburban for it which I assume wasn\\\'t cheap and I believe that shows how dedicated Blake is in serving his tour guests. Read my full review in my blog post!

Tour guide review

Blake is a very dedicated tour guide and very concerned to make you have a great time as a tour guest. He was always very eager to teach and explain what happened throughout the tour. Every morning he held a forecast briefing where he showed us where we were going and why, which was really informative. All in all a very fun, dedicated and service minded tour guide!

Vehicle review

Weather Adventures use the same vans as most larger tour companies. Just as all of them, they are not super comfortable. No neck support, no curved seats (which made my back hurt) and not so much leg room. The van was also quite dirty and messy. On the positive side, the windows are large and great for watching the storms. There were lots of space to keep your stuff, free water, free Wifi, and USB-outlets to charge phones and tablets.
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