About StormChasingUSA.com

StormChasingUSA.com is a website owned by Wall Cloud Productions AB (Sweden) and created by Christoffer Björkwall. The purpose of StormChasingUSA.com is to help people who want to try storm chasing to understand what storm chasing is, which tour operators that can provide the service and which tours that will best suit their needs.

Tourists are encouraged to write a review after they have gone on a tour. These reviews are verified in order to limit fake reviews, both fake positives and negatives.

The website is financed by ads from Google but also for flights, hotels and certain products mentioned on the website.

About Christoffer Björkwall

christoffer björkwall

Christoffer is a Swedish storm chaser that, despite the geographic distance, try to chase as often as he can. While not chasing, Christoffer develops websites such as this one. Although most websites are made for the Swedish audience, Christoffer has also created websites like CountCalculate.com.

You can contact Christoffer by email: christoffer@wallcloud.se

Please note that the information in this article may contain errors and may not be applicable to the tour you may go with. If you find an error or similar, please write a comment about it.

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