10 day tour with Tempest Tours in early May 2013 – Part 2 “The Down Days”

The six days that followed produced no storms whatsoever in the entire country. We spent those days in south and southeast Texas. We spent some time in the beautiful Big Bend national park and other photogenic places in the region. Brian is a really passionate photographer and knew a lot of good places to take nice photos.

So, here are some samples of what we did during these down days. I took lots of photos and continued to play around with the panorama view on my iPhone.

inside the van
A panorama view from inside the van. The screen shows what’s going on on our tour guide’s laptop, which was really interesting.


super sized hamburger
We spent most of our days in Texas. They don’t joke about the expression “Everthing’s bigger in Texas”. Look at the size of this hamburger!


desert road
We traveled around the long roads of south Texas. Not a cloud in sight but that wasn’t really the purpose at this time either. This storm chasing tour turned into a desert national parks tour, which really wasn’t too bad!


We were as far south that we could throw rocks at Mexico! The rocks on the other side of this river is Mexico.


I borrowed my sister’s telescope lens for this tour. I didn’t have much use for it for the storms but I god this really nice photo of the moon. The shot was taken “by hand”, i.e. not using a tripod.


Pretty desert flowers and cactuses.


mike ricciardi
Professional photographer Mike Ricciardi at work.


road runner
Beep beep. A road runner.


desert plant
A desert plant with Mexico and Rio Grande in the background.


big bend
Beautiful surroundings at the Big Bend national parkl


western movie
An old town created for western movies.


beautiful landscape christoffer björkwall
Me in front of this beautiful landscape.


asphalt road
Asphalt road.


river bed
Dried out river bed.
white sands
White sands, NM.


white sands
Beautiful white sands.


iPhone panorama cloning
Playing around with the panorama functionality at the White Sands, NM.


cloud features
Some interesting cloud features. The first time my camera was aimed at the clouds in days!


layered clouds
Same clouds a few minutes later. I don’t remember what caused these layered clouds.


ruins midwest
One of these really beautiful ruins on the plains of the Midwest.


horned lizard
When the weather started to return we were semi-chasing and stopped by a church. I recognized a tarantula hole and while we waited for it to come out a horned lizard came by.

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